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Having the experience of over ten years of teaching Hebrew, and through the experience of being a student for languages – Tomer developed a unique method for teaching and learning Hebrew. Through a special balance of grammar and vocabulary, Firsthand Ulpan provides students with the ability to read, write, understand and speak Hebrew within a fairly short time. 

After 2,000 years, Hebrew is now a living language that is alive through its speakers and Israeli culture. Therefore, in Firsthand Ulpan, Hebrew is taught with close connection to Israeli culture – Israeli songs, comedy videos, newspapers, books, and more – because if you want to know Hebrew, we believe you need to learn it firsthand. 

Tomer Talmor completed his B.A, Magna cum laude,

at the Tel-Aviv University, studying History and Literature, and his M.A at the Hebrew University, studying History. His love for languages led him to study Latin and Italian during his B.A and M.A, and these days he invests his efforts learning classical Arabic. 

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Firsthand Ulpan is a private, professional,

and affordable Ulpan, located in Haifa.

Firsthand Ulpan offers a hands-on approach

to learning Hebrew, which involves reading,

writing, and conversation including Israeli

slang – all through Israeli culture.

Tomer has been teaching Hebrew for many years;

he started in a private Ulpan in Tel-Aviv in 2010 and when he moved to Jerusalem for his Master's degree, he began working as a Hebrew teacher in the Masa program teaching various groups of foreign students. In addition to his experience in instructing groups, Tomer has also been teaching Hebrew to private students since 2010. 

Through years of teaching Hebrew and  learning languages, Tomer developed a unique and highly effective method to learn  Hebrew – a method that  will help you gain confidence in reading, speaking, writing, and understanding – in a fairly short time. Tomer is currently also lecturing and giving courses of Business Hebrew, for English speaking M.B.A students at the Ariel University

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1st Grade 

Kita Aleph

This grade is meant for those who have

no background in Hebrew, and would like to learn the fundamentals of the language.

  • Hebrew alphabet and vowels

  • Basic vocabulary and conversational skills

  • Elementary grammar, with a focus on present tense verbs

  • Basic reading and writing skills

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