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Register for our new beginner course

How did you hear about us?

The course will be held on Mondays 8-10 pm and Wednesdays 3-5 pm, at 55 Hantke St., Haifa. The course will be a total of 48 academic hours and will last for three months. students will receive a notebook from us but are required to purchase a study book, which can be ordered as a group for a discount, for a total price of 110 NIS for two study books. 


On average, we study 16 hours each month and the price is calculated based on 16 hours. For 16 hours the price is 1,300 NIS - if we study more or fewer hours in a month, we pay accordingly. The payment is done for each month at the beginning of the month. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION:  The Ulpan DOES NOT offer refunds.

Thank you for registering!

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